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Life in Jar is my second Ludum Dare game that I have  ever created, back in 2012.

Your task is to take care of tiny alien community, that  crash-landed in an empty glass jar. You need to assign tasks, manage resources, upgrade your buildings and gather enough materials to build a new space ship.


  • Think wisely what you will do with your startup materials or you can get stuck
  • You can open upgrade menu by clicking on crashed ship/stockpile
  • Start by unlocking tools 
  • You assign work to your minions by clicking on them

There are some small bugs, but game was left in it's initial state, when it was created in 2012. I am adding it here because I found the old files, and I think someone may enjoy playing it :)

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/OndrejAngelovic
My Portoflio: https://ondrejangelovic.wordpress.com/



LifeInJar.zip 19 MB


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can someone tell me how to open the hud

Hi! It should be done by clicking on the drop pod (Alien ship in the middle) if I remember correctly. :)

Oh.. it actually turns into workbench afterwards... so its that white-ish cube in the middle you need to click on


This was a cool game, only thing was the speed, was a little slow but other then that it was a nice little game. Are you going to expand on it?

cool and interesting

game I really enjoyed playing it here's a video I made

Thanks for checking it out! ;)

no problem glad you liked it