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Project Explosion is a first person action/puzzle game that I have created in 2013. Your task is to survive a bomb explosion, in each level. Most of the time, you just need to get away from the bomb, and avoid getting hit by flying debris. However, there is also some puzzle solving, bomb throwing and running from slow-mo explosions.


  • There are 5 tutorial and 5 normal levels
  • Watch the video if you get stuck
  • Don't get hit by flying debris
  • You can only pick up bombs that are not attached to the table
  • W,A,S,D to Move | Mouse to look around and bomb throwing
  • E to Interact

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/OndrejAngelovic
My Portoflio: https://ondrejangelovic.wordpress.com/


Install instructions

Just unzip the archive and run the exe file.


ProjectExplosion.zip 13 MB


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(Below is a Gameplay video but first, my thoughts and review on the game :D)

First off, I really liked the idea of the game and the premise. It was an interesting game however I had a few issues with it.

One or two of the levels, especially the first level was extremely difficult to me. Difficult to the point where I literally had to find a "cheese" to narrowly avoid the debris. In the first one, I had made it completely and was right there at the exit by got hit by a flying object.

Luckily through perseverance, I finally beat all of them except for the first level. I will say though that the game was fun and interesting, I also definitely recommend this game to everyone.

I also found that sometimes the slowmo mechanics end up messing me up and I just end up going too slow. Hopefully in the future the game gets updated so it can be even better!

Thanks for making this game :)


dear developer, nice game. but some levels are almost impossible to beat in quick hurry. i can not crouch with ctrl button and i can not sprint with shift button. I can not set graphics quality in game. I can not set fullscreen. i can not set vsync. mouse is moving very slow in main menu. Please add physx particles. I can not set music or sounds and volume control is missing. God bless you.

Had a heck of a time with tutorial 5 but I enjoyed the rest of the game.

You gave me an excuse to make a montage to 1812 Overture, sometimes that's all you need. This was an awesome concept and really well executed, well done!


Awesome video. Thanks! :)

really nice

Thank you!