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Guys at AlphaBetaGamer did a pretty good job describing the game, so I will borrow a paragraph from their article.

"The Flood
is a short and stylish meditative narrative experience in which you pilot a little boat down a river, taking your time and enjoying the beautiful low poly scenery as you go.  It  makes for a nice antidote to the hyperactive, objective based gameplay that’s prevalent in modern game design.
- AlphaBetaGamer (Link to article)

Whole project started when I was experimenting with environment design half a year ago and it has slowly developed into this short metaphorcial journey,  that you will hopefuly enjoy!

The soundtrack "Flow of Things" was composed by my awesome friend Jozef Sarissky.

I've probably spent over one hundred hours working on this, so If you truly enjoy the game, feel free to pitch in to support Itch.io and my caffeine addiction.  :)


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this game looks very similar to the Flame in the Flood



One thing that I kind of missed:  the player's boat slowly drifting along the rive. As the little narrative even said something along the lines of "everything's flowing down the river" and then there's some small debris flowing in the river, but the boat isn't. It made me feel a little like I didn't belong to the world.

Otherwise quite a nice little experience. The song is nice and calming too.


Thanks! Really nice feedback! :)

This was a very beautiful game, I really enjoyed it. The graphics, music and the powerful message. Brilliant :-)

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i love the game's visuals and the little bit of the story i've seen so far; but heres the reason why i havent played all the way through yet:

for one, even though the game is meant to be relaxing, the boat goes too slowly even for that- it felt like i was pressing the boat through really thick mud instead of water.

the other reason, is because there should be a simple pause functionality. I pressed escape to pause, then the main menu loaded. thinking this was a pause screen, i hit escape again to un-pause it, but the game simply closed.


turns out, i wasnt even that far from the end anyways. game is too short. i want more like this. :) also, ever heard of a youtube channel called thehonestguys? they are a meditation channel mostly. i imagined the text being read by them- that said, that would be a great addition to the game, if you could comission them or otherwise get them to narrate the text in the game. :D

Beautiful game. I had a big smile on my face at the end. thank you for sharing this experience with me

I'm happy that you enjoyed it! :)

I enjoyed the "walking simulator" (no disrespect) it was enjoyable. The only thing that would have made it better would be for the boat to be able to steer just a tad better.

I recognized your name right away and had to look up your other games, gotta say, this is a pretty great contrast to Project Explosion. Your low-poly style is gorgeous and the visual filters add some weight without being obtrusive. The music is downright amazing, even reminding me of my favorite artist. just an all around great, calm and sincere experience. Well done.


my kind of game :) Great!

Thanks! Happy that you like it! :)


Quiet experience and relaxative journey. Music improves your project and I love the low-poly environment. I noticed so many details (debris, seagulls, etc) and all mechanics work very smoothly. Thank you ++


Very meditative game. 


The Flood is a beautiful experience. The art style and the music are awesome! Plus it supports Linux, and what more could you want.